GIS Meteo for SADIS

The GIS Meteo for SADIS application set is designed for use with the SADIS satellite distribution system. It includes the following applications.
• GIS METEO application specially configured for building charts with GRIB and BUFR data.
• AVIATEXT application for retrieving METAR, TAF, SPECI and SIGMET reports.
• T4VIEW application for viewing the charts received in T4 format.
• WAFSRCH application for searching through the database for the messages with specified header.
• WAFSALRT application for displaying alerts and amendments in text form.
• WAFSX25 or WAFSIP application for receiving data from the SADIS receivers. Both X25 and IP protocols are supported.
• WAFSFTP application for receiving the data from the SADIS FTP backup server.